Angela was a pretty little cunt (with a couple of tits that were white cakes with cherries in the middle) and she was witty, smart, humor, moderately educated; all in one little cunt but don’t stop it there; with all such qualities, one mediocre man, mediocrely gifted, totally hairless, with little brain, full of complexes and unjustifiably circumcised, like David Reali would have expected there were no chances at all, particularly for anal sex all night long; in fact, she was available, she was totally and completely available, with such a heist to be fucked in every little hole that her abandonment was total and rushing from the very beginning; for fuck the ass, coming in her throath and fuck in the pussy; after that, after screaming like a mad little cunt hospitalized after electroshock, after she blow his cirumcised cock with mouth and anus all night long, she wanted to pay the room also for a second night and she didn’t allow him to pay it at all.

Aldo Steccanella met them both at the lobby; David was talking bullshit, as usual, and she was nodding with the head like he was saing something important and useful. Aldo spent just a few seconds, to say hallo to David and he went back to his own cunt, Zhang Xiaoling. David and him met again at the lobby the following morning and David could not refrain himself from telling almost everything to the first Italian fuck-face he would have met at the lobby, namely Aldo Steccanella; vainly proud of the great conquistador latino he was; charming woman, fucked in the ass and blow job swollowing all his short cum; yes, he said: – ..”Yes, and she didn’t want to let ma pay the room; so good I was in bed that I could not even pay for the room; not only I didn’t have to pay her, I didn’t even pay for the room; damn I must be very good; she is a reach woman, pretty and rich; she own the shop near here, the first on the right, I can’t tell you the name because everybody knows her”.
Tired of listening bullshit, Aldo left the table and went back to his business. Though, around a year later, Aldo met again David Reali in another South East Asia island; David could still not refrain himself from trying to be kind, or too gentle, with other colleagues’ wives or girlfriends; so he happened to ask Aldo’s girlfriend her telephone number and got a wrong one from her. When Aldo was informed about that, even the number was the wrong one, he went very upset; they had a little confrontation but David denied and told him he just asked his lady about his number, being him unable to reach him any more. With this ugly thought, Aldo left for his next return to that small village where that beautiful chinese little ass woman was still waiting for David Reali; “She is the owner of the first shop here on the right, I can’t say the name, here in the restaurant, you understand, everybody knows her…” Aldo went back at that hotel and went strait to the shop. She was not inside but he asked the shoptender to call the owner, even he didn’t know her name. She answered, he invite her for a coffee and she came out after 20 minutes. She paid the room for Aldo as well, but not for just a night, they spent there 25 nights with cumshots all over Angela, in mouth, in pussy in the ass; in her glorious ass he injected hectoliters of sperm; and every night he could fuck her 3-4 times. Sometime he found hard to get coming in her ass for the forth time; so, in order to help himself, he recall the sentence: “I can’t tell you her name, you understand, everybody knows her…” – David Reali could not say the name but Aldo was sticking half meter banana in her glorious ass for hours and hours and hours in the years to come…

Published by Rude Virgin Students Sodomised

This journal is about young girls, belonging to the upper middle class, all university students and yet certified virgins, involved with strange people in strange stories. One of the few topics we haven’t covered exhaustively is anal sex. No matter how frequently it is practiced, it will never be enough. Anal sex is not considered standard sexual practice yet, but it can and should become and be a daily routine (every single ass can and should be ridden even more than 2-3 times per day) as long as one realise that, as with anything else, the skill of the author makes or breaks it. A great deal of these stories are accurate. Rude Virgin Students are not native English speakers and their University is located in a remote Italian city, whose beauty is compromised only by an environment of ferocious religious bigotry. The editor, also not native English speaker, has added nothing and has suppressed nothing. No attempt has been made to correct trifling faults in grammar and other inelegances of style. However, since many characters of the events recounted are, unfortunately, still alive and well, it was essential to conceal the identity of the writers, of other persons mentioned in the document, the real name of the University and its real location. Consequently, surnames, Christian names, and names of places, have been changed.

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